5 untrue myths about outdoor marijuana.

Over the years and especially since weed has been legalized, it seems that outdoor weed has gotten a bad reputation. Many of the younger generation in their 20's won't even touch the stuff. I have heard it been called ditch weed, crap weed or stress weed. That fact is that they are wrong because outdoor growers now have the ability to grow without being worried of the law. With the right genetics, expertise and attention to detail outdoor growers can produce top shelf buds.

Before weed was legal, outdoor growers had to hide their garden which was tough on the grower.

This meant that they had to rush things sometimes in order not to get caught. Back then you had to beware of neighbors and crazy friends stealing your plants along with worrying about the cops. Basically, if you were an outdoor grower and you had a decent amount of plants then you probably were paranoid.

Here are 5 untrue myths about outdoor marijuana

  1. Outdoor weed will never be a top shelf bud. This not true at all. It was thought that all outdoor bud was flat and squished because weed from Mexico came that way. The pressed product was necessary to hide in cars while crossing the border. They also used scented fabric softener sheets within the plastic wrap to cover the scent of weed. Yes it was very perfume-like smelling by the time we got it in America. This not the case today.

  2. Outdoor weed does not taste as good as indoor weed. Outdoor weed has more of an earthy taste so to speak. With the culmination of the various factors specific to a growing location, including soil, elevation, climate and more. Outdoor bud has a taste that is sometimes preferred by many smokers around the world like me.

  3. Outdoor grown bud has been marred by too many pests and critters. If you are buying from a dispensary that shouldn't worry about this because each state has strict requirements to avoid these issues. I know when we grow our outdoor garden our number rule is to keep everything clean by daily inspection. That means no bug spots, bird poops or half eaten leaves. Anything dead or dirty we immediately get rid of for safety reasons.

  4. There is nothing special about outdoor grown weed. It is impossible for indoor grow systems to completely recreate the immensely complex ecosystem that influence outdoor grown bud. Indoor grow lights do not produce the full spectrum present in the sun's rays. Because of the fragrant coastal breezes and other outdoor influences, outdoor weed is considered to be authentic.

  5. Outdoor grown weed is less potent than indoor grown weed. This again is a result of the so called ditch weed that some people feel this way. Farmers growing weed outdoor can now expose their outdoor gardens to full sunlight without the fear being arrested allowing them to reach the full potential in terms of stature, bud formation, cannabinoid and terpene content.

I believe that in the near future many outdoor growers will reach new levels of high quality strains that will give even the younger crowd something to look for. You cant beat the outdoor breeze and the smell of fresh air that comes with an outdoor garden. That earthy taste is what I am looking for.

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