Drying outdoor marijuana quick and safe- The condition of the plant is most important.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

After 90 days of watering my plants in an outdoor weed garden, I am now looking very closely at the flowers on my plants to see if the white crystals and amber colors are coming in. It's best to get a jewelers eyepiece but you can see the trichomes by just zooming your pictures that you took of your plants up close.

Drying outdoor marijuana quick and safe will take good practice. At first you will see the trichomes as little light bulb shaped filled with water, these are not ready. As soon as you notice that the little bulbs have begin to look milky and popped, then they are ready to pull. I do not trim any leaves off the plant to help the drying process. The leaves protect the buds from drying too fast and keep moisture longer. We want the drying period to not be rushed as we want to get rid of that grassy smell. I usually try to give it an extra couple days to be safe.

Leave all the roots and stems connected the plant when cutting them down. This way all the juice will flow down to all the buds and it does not dry too fast. Hang the plant upside down in a dark area. Use a fan to give it some air daily for at least 30 minutes. I prefer a wooden box if possible. I like the way cigars feel after being in a cedar box so I do the same with my weed.

Leave the plants hanging for a minimum of 7 days. With an outdoor weed grow, this is how long it takes to for THC to reach the ends of the plant. At 7 days I begin to give the snap test and see if the stem snaps easily. If it bends even a little bit then it is not ready. I usually tend to give it an extra couple days to make sure all the water is dried out from the plants. I tend to go 9-10 days to be safe.

You can now bring the plants down and trim the leaves surrounding the buds. Clean your mason jars with soap and water, let them dry completely and get ready to jar your buds for 10-30 days for the curing process. Drying marijuana quick and safe can be done with proper items like newspapers for the droppings, totally disinfecting the area with lysol and pinesol and getting rid of all cat and dog hairs if necessary before hanging.

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