Growing marijuana in hot weather- It seems perfect at first.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Being from California we know how it is is to grow in the desert climates. Sometimes it gets so hot out here that we almost get sunstroke over 100 degrees with no breeze. But for many growers, a hot and dry climate seems to be the perfect environment to grow outdoor marijuana.

Growing marijuana in hot weather can cultivate the crop all year long without worrying about molds rotting the crop. The plants also benefit from the intense light of the sun which triggers optimal bud production. However, an arid climate also presents its own challenges like drought and extreme heat.

This results in a very dry soil that causes a lot of problems to water-loving marijuana plants. Without the right knowledge and preparation, too much heat can destroy the crop and leave you with nothing to harvest. Fortunately, there are tricks to combat this problem. The key is to keep the plants and their heat-sensitive roots cool and hydrated.

We made sure that we always kept a fresh can of water sitting next to the plants just in case the top soil looked to dry. We also bought an extension for our water hose to reach over 100 feet in order to get water to the plants with out any problem.

On the days that reached over 100 degrees, we bought a pop tent canopy and used it for 3 weeks in order to give some shade in the hot blistering sun. We noticed that the plants where turning brown on certain spots as if it were getting sunburned. So we decided to shade it at certain times of the day.

Growing marijuana in hot weather can be a lot of work as you have to make sure the plant is not getting stressed out too much. At times I noticed the plants looked beat down and droopy from getting too hot so we bought a spray gun and gave them water mists throught the hot summer days. So there are things to look out for during the hotter climates where things could go wrong if you don't pay attention.

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