Growing one weed plant - Focusing on one main plant at a time.

There are many reasons why growing just one marijuana plant can be extremely satisfying. With only one plant you are better able to focus your efforts, making it more likely that the one plant will grow better than the individual plants in a plot of more than one. Also, security is better with just one plant and you don't need a guard dog or an expensive alarm system as much.

Growing only one plant is going to be extremely inexpensive when compared to other grow setups that generally include more plants and therefore more expensive equipment. With only one plant you will need less resources, so whether it’s seeds, soil, nutrients, lighting, or even water, you just don’t need as much.

Growing one plant is a great way to try your hand at growing marijuana without investing a huge amount of money and time, making it much more low-risk than if you were trying it with many plants. Thus it is great for beginners, newbies or anyone on a budget but still want the benefits of having a private home grown stash.

This will make your life a lot easier than growing the 6 legal plants that we did last Spring. It was a lot of work for two guys as we had to water, feed nutrients, dig trenches, trim leaves and clean off bugs on 6 different plants. Believe me, one would have been so much easier to tend to compared to 6 plants. We actually had times where we got too tired to finish trimming all 6 trees or cleaning bugs off the leaves so we neglected to finish until the next day. If we had only one plant we could have had no problems completing all duties needed in less than one hour.

Let's make sure you get proper lighting for that plant.

You can put it in a pot outside in the balcony or put it in the ground for maximum root growth if you have the space (my favorite). This will give you the maximum energy of the sun which is the best but you are limited to 12 hours only. Or are you going to put the plant in the window sill? If you put it anywhere inside or even the window sill then you will need to get a real marijuana LED growing light.

Don't get cheap and use a regular house lamp because they will not work very well. Trust me I have tried using them and they will waste your money and time. A real good indoor marijuana light is not only what you need but they are also not that expensive on Amazon. Please make sure you get at least a CFL grow light and get the maximum growth that you deserve by using the right tools.

The basic rules of temperature and humidity for one plant.

I like to keep the plant outside during the day and move it inside at night. It's up to you where you want to keep the plant because both ways will work. If you keep the plant inside you want to keep the temperature anywhere between 68 and 78 degrees during the day. The night temperature should be about 15 degrees less. Just keep an eye on your plant and make sure the leaves never turn brown. If they do then your plant will needing more water and special attention.

Keeping the humidity down is very important when keeping the plant indoors. You can always use a dehumidifier or a gauge for this. When you are growing only one plant, you want to keep the humidity down so your leaves don't get too big which lowers the resin to leaf ratio.

Ventilation provides good air movement.

You can always put a fan in the room where your plant is. Make sure you keep the fan in an area where it is pulling in fresh air if possible. This movement will encourage your plant to grow a thicker stalk and will prevent any mold. You don't want any mold on your plant because it will ruin your entire plant so keep an eye on this.

Don't forget to water your plant with clean water.

Because our tap water contains a large amount of chlorine, you want to keep the water sitting for 24 hours before you use it. This will kill all the chlorine and will be safe to use. I bought a 3 gallon watering can with small holes in the spout to pour out like rain drops. Do not dump water splashes on the plant because this can ruin your plant.

Water your plant enough to make sure that the top soil is evenly moist. Always make sure you water plant in large amounts to make sure it gets all the way down to the roots. If your plant is growing in a container that is 3 gallons, then up to three quarts of water can be given to them.

Growing one plant is fun compared to growing 6 plants.

The difference between the two is a very unique experience. The way you handle taking care of one plant can be done more carefully and without too much headaches. Having 6 plants a time was like running a farm crop because if something was wrong with one plant then we had to tend to all 6. We had to be careful to not spread any mold or bugs to the other plants.

Trimming, watering and feeding only one plant is actually fun and less time consuming. Whether you are a beginner or you just want to have fun and not have to deal with too much work, then growing one marijuana plant at a time is perfect for you.

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