How to fix a break in your cannabis plant? Don't panic too much.

Working with outdoor plants can be rough at times especially if you have a row of 6 plants in your garden. There are times that you just might come across a broken limb, branch or even worse the stock.

This can be very scary at first but as long as you act fast, you can mend it back together. We had an accident last year in our garden when one of our guys actually fell hard at 200 lbs on one of the plants. I had to literally pick him up off the ground by giving him a hand out the weeds. It was like a snow angel imprint right on our precious weed garden. We got lucky that he didn't get punctured or stabbed by some of the metal posts we had in our chicken wired fence to keep the dogs out.

We figured out the reason he fell was because our garden was on a slight slope by the fence

which is always a bad idea. The slope makes it unsafe to walk on and the fence blocks out some sunlight at times. Because our chicken wire fence was 2 feet high we constantly had to hurdle over the fence sometimes catching our last foot and tripping us up. (This year we are getting a walk in plastic greenhouse on flat even ground).

So he actually broke 3 main branches completely in half but hanging by the plant skin. We had to act fast and reconnect the two broken pieces back together as my partner ran to get duct tape and plastic bags. What we did was wrap the two broken pieces together with plastic bag material first and then we tapped around the mend like a sports trainer. We didn't want to get any dirt or sticky material on the plant so we used a strip of plastic to keep it clean on the wound.

The key here is to act fast and fix it as soon as possible. If you wait a day the plant will start dying so make sure you get on it quickly. Plan on leaving the tape and plastic permanently. If you do take it off after 3 weeks you risk making the plant weak again and that's not a good idea. The cannabis plant is very resilient and will regain its strength in about 3 to 4 weeks.

As a matter of fact we left the tape the whole time until we harvested the plant. It looked slightly deformed and knobby by the breaks but they were strong and still gave us nice buds.

We were lucky that we acted fast on the breaks and they were able to completely heal themselves with time.

So don't panic if you break a branch or two. Just be ready to do some plant surgery and don't procrastinate or the plant will turn brown. A lot of people break there stems on purpose for high stress training, so don't worry too much about fixing a broken cannabis plant. It can be done.

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