Why do my weed plants have mold and spider mites? Inspect them daily and pay attention to spots.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

There are no remedies to fix your infestation of pests and mold. You need to destroy your ruined plants and do some thorough cleaning of your space and self-reflection before you attempt to grow in your outdoor weed grow again. The amount of webbing and powdery mildew on your plants indicates that you’ve had these problems for a long time and have seemingly done nothing about them.

Why do my weed plants have mold and spider mites? You need to act fast or lose the crop. Pests and molds must be discovered and immediately dealt with, in order to successfully harvest your plants. A program of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), using several different modes of defense and attack is the best way to prevent or control infestations. You must incorporate routine spraying with organic pesticides and fungicides, as well as the timely release of predatory insects and beneficial nematodes.

In an outdoor weed garden, only active participation will result in a happy harvest. Check on your plants early and often and act fast when necessary. This will happen to growers who neglect their plants and do not tend to them daily. Do not be one of these people and check your plants every day for signs of stress. Make sure to never smoke moldy weed as it can make you sick.

We had this problem a couple years back to where the mold just completely took over the whole plant. It was down right gross and we knew by looking at it that we waited too long. I eventually figured out that my partner at the time was not tending to the plants daily which resulted in mold expansion. This is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

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