Sprouting marijuana seeds- It's easier than growing from clones.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

One of the best ways to enjoy your bud is to start growing from seeds. We have grown from both clone and seed and we really do prefer the seeds. The seeds are easier to handle and they seem to thrive and be healthier than some of the clones we have planted. Just make sure your seeds are hard and dark. You don't want light mushy seeds that are not fully developed but if that's all you have then plant them. The white seeds are a sometimes no good for planting or a seed that is already splitting can be bad too. But I have gotten success with these as well. If a seed wants to sprout then you should give it a chance because it just might surprise you.

Getting your seeds.

Depending on your budget you can order very good auto flowering or feminized seeds online. They are not cheap so it's good to your research before you buy them. They also sell regular seeds but they don't have the 99% survival rate as the feminized ones. That's why most people buy the auto flowering seeds even though they cost more. Don't worry about screwing up the seeds because it really is an easy process that takes more waiting time then anything else.

If you can get seeds from your past bags or a friend you are taking a chance of getting male plants or hermaphrodites. These plants are only good for breeding seeds so it really isn't a bad thing. You can save those seeds and grow them and save tons of cash in the long run. Good seeds online cost about $10 a seed or more and you have to buy multiple amounts.

We have actually had good luck in saving and making our own seeds and have always gotten good buds from our seeds. We are willing to take a chance on seeds from older bags but we also like to buy real good Skywalker OG seeds online as well. It's up to you to either buy online or just get some seeds from your bro. We do both methods.

The paper towel method.

Today we had 6 seeds on our wet plate and only 1 of the 6 seeds sprouted. Each seed is different and some will sprout in 2 days if you get a good one. This is a sign of a good healthy seed. We grabbed a regular plate and put a wet paper towel with 6 seeds wrapped inside the towel. We then covered the top with another plate to create the needed darkness and let it sit.

Keeping the seeds moist, we had to check the seeds twice a day to make sure they don't dry out, You must keep moisture in there for the seed to sprout. After a few days you will get some noticeable activity. If they don't sprout then consider your self lucky because they were probably crappy seeds anyways. You don't want plants with health issues so no big loss.

If you just watch your seeds regularly throughout the day and make sure they have water and darkness then they will sprout. Just have patience and never get mad and give up on the growing process. The rewards of having your own home grown weed is so much fun and you don't have to worry about spending all your money at the dispensary. Its a total win-win situation so give it a chance.

Transporting the seed to beer cup.

Once you get taproot sprouted the fun begins. Make sure you get a small dixie cup or a beer cup and poke 4 small holes in the bottom for water drainage. Always use fresh potting soil and never use old potting soil that has been sitting around. This soil is probably to thick like a mud and will not let the roots breathe underneath, If you can use soil with no nutrients or minimal would be a better idea. The taproot is very fragile and does not need the nutrients yet.

There was one time were we decided to use the same soil as the year before and the results were not good. My plants only grew about 2 feet and they were brown and not healthy at all. I ended up pulling them and using them for my mulch pit they were so bad. So please use fresh and loose soil and don't get too cheap like I once did.

Fill the cup with fresh dirt and grab a pen and make a small hole for the seed to fit in. Spray a little water in the hole but not too much in case of rot, Grab some tweezers and place the seed

in the hole and then cover the hole with dirt and a spray of distilled water. I have used sink water before and it worked but it is very important to keep the baby root as clean as possible. So many people like to use bottled water and tweezers(not dirty fingers) for the first few days.

Just wait a few days more to get a small green plant.

It really is all about the waiting process and if you can keep an eye on the whole operation. You will be amazed when you see the sprouted root. It feels amazing knowing that you created this beautiful green plant. Give it about 3 to 6 days and it will sprout. Make sure you water the cup daily but don't water log it because the seed will rot.

It is your own creation.

The best thing about growing from a seed is that you feel that it is a special plant because you created it with your skills. We have even give our plants names like Frankenstein because they were so special to us. The chances of having a healthy plant is much higher now because your seed has been carefully planted and placed without any other bad influences. This is safer and easier than planting clones because we all now clones can easily die from shock or disease when transplanting them. The only danger with seeds is watching out for birds who might get your seed if you leave it outside. So you are better leaving it inside until it sprouts.

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