What are the health benefits of hemp oil? There are many you would like too.

Updated: Jan 6

For years and years all through my life all I heard was that marijuana is bad for you and it will stunt your growth. I even had some people tell me to be careful with weed because it can cause you to go limp in the sex department. But I used to think how can this be when every time I smoke a bowl I want to go outside in the sun and exercise or go for a walk. I just knew that it couldn't be all that bad for you. What are the benefits of hemp seed oil? Let's see what they have been hiding from us.

My research paid off with great information.

I decided to go to the library back in 1982 and do some research on cannabis and its many uses. Hemp is a highly respected herb that has been used for thousands of years both as a medicine and as a resource product such as building materials and paper. The Mayans and Aztecs used it as food and as medicine. It was also regularly used in many religious ceremonies around the world as a way to get closer to God. Before the industrial revolution here in the US, hemp was regularly used by many doctors and professionals. It was noted that George Washington made it mandatory that every family grow a hemp crop not for medicine but for nutritional purposes.

Big corporate companies stopped the use of hemp.

Unfortunately big corporate companies like Johnson & Johnson bribed and paid off the politicians to outlaw hemp. They did not like the idea of the money they were going to lose by using the low cost and inexpensive means of growing hemp instead of using plastic and man made materials at their newly built factories. Marijuana was known as the devil drug as depicted by the infamous movie sponsored by the corporate companies called "Reefer Madness." A movie about people jumping off buildings and hurting themselves and others.

The use of man made pills was devastating to us all.

Because of this fake news we have been cheated out a safe and organic medicine that can help people of all ages. Instead, we have been using dangerous and harmful pills and other man made medicine. These pills cause depression, thoughts of suicide, rapid weight gain or lass, hair loss and the list goes on. Now we have the option to take safe organic medicine with hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil does not get you high.

Hemp plants are different than regular grown marijuana in that it is grown with out the psychedelic chemical known as THC. Sometimes it has so little THC that it is not even noticeable. The THC is actually the strong chemical which is excellent for people who are in extreme pain or have cancer.

But not everyone is ok with taking THC because of the slight high and for drug testing reasons. Hemp products are perfect for these types of people. It is even safe for kids and pets.

Here are some good benefits you can get from taking Hemp seed oil also known as CBD in the marketplace now.

1. Anxiety - The tincture form of CBD is the best way to take Hemp seed oil for anxiety. This way you put the drops under your tongue which goes directly to your spinal cord. Instant relief and gratification in the central nervous system. You will notice your self feeling less stressed out and much more at ease.

2. Sleep aid - This is probably one of the most famous reasons people take CBD because helps you relax and sleep like a baby at night. This is with out any hang over or tired feeling when you wake up.

3. Pain relief - Muscle relief and arthritis pain reducer is another benefit you get from the inflammatory effects. Great for older people or active people. This oil will help you in about 3 to 5 days.

4. Depression - This one is my favorite because it helps many friends of mine including my friends 15 year old daughter who has bouts of depression. She drinks CBD cola and it helps her think of better thoughts she says. The hemp oil drink puts her in a good mood and gives her energy to go outside and get some fresh air.

5. Epilepsy - Many people around the world have used CBD to help cure their attacks. Many schools in the US are now allowing young kids to ingest marijuana at school for medical reasons because it helps them focus and be part of the class like everyone else.

Hemp seed oil and CBD products are here to stay.

There are many other great reasons to try hemp seed oil or CBD if you are suffering from any of these problems. Just make sure you are getting a good product like Charlottes Web Hemp oil which is the best brand that I know. I have taken it and so has my younger sister who was having knee problems prior to taking CBD. Whenever I have any medical issues or if I am in pain from working out I can always rely on hemp seed oil to give me the comfort I am looking for.

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