What is the best pesticide for an outdoor marijuana garden? Organic spray is what we prefer.

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Pests are one of the first things you need to prepare for when growing marijuana outdoors. If you can't build a greenhouse then be prepared for birds pooping to grasshoppers leaving white milky substances on your plants. We had so many problems last spring that this next season we are going to make a cheap green house out of clear plastic tarps and bamboo sticks. Especially for the nights, we had noticed that most of the damage was coming at night. Something was eating our plants and being very sneaky about it.

We tried using neem oil at first and it just worked okay not great.

What is a best pesticide for an outdoor marijuana garden? The neem oil spray was good for some of the bugs but not all. Especially the ants near the base of the plants were not affected by the neem oil. It was a good idea to start with neem oil as it helped us control the bugs early before they even showed up on the plants.

Neem oil is the oil that is pressed out of the seeds obtained from neem trees. In addition to its use as ab organic insecticide spray, it has been used medicinally and in the cosmetics industry.

It is a good idea to see if this will help first because it is safe to use. It was not only ready available at Home depot but it will not harm you, your kids, your pets or your livestock.

My partner was not keen on using any pesticides on the plants to begin with but I knew we would lose everything if we did not act fast. I was not about to let the bugs devour our hard work.

Make sure you spray at night and never in the day.

We had to spray at night so we wouldn't burn the neem oil into the plants with the hot sun. We also had to give the plants a quick rinse of hose water to clean any left over neem oil. We tried to spray a little bit during the day and we left spots of oil on the leaves. This is not a good idea so make sure you never spray during the day.

Only spray in the early stages of the plants.

Preventive maintenance is the best weapon against bugs and pests in general. Spray when the plants are young and make sure you hit underneath the leaves because they like to hide the damage. Once the plants starts budding then it is not safe to spray anymore. You dont want to smoke neem oil so be careful. If you take care of your plant early it will get a stronger immune system and it will be able to fight on its own. Just keep a daily inspection going on and you should be fine.

We really liked using cayenne pepper organic spray.

What is a best pesticide for an outdoor marijuana garden? We really did well the natural pepper spray. It seemed like it took it up a notch on getting rid of the bugs. It had more of medicine smell than the neem oil. Both of them are natural but the pepper spray seemed a little bit more effective on killing the bugs. As the plant got a bit older we went to using more of the pepper oil spray.

The ants were a whole different story.

Of course the ground ants are soldiers on had to be dealt with accordingly. They were using our plants as a freeway and walkway for their personal construction. We had to dig up the ant holes and spray real poison (away from the plants of course) to get rid of them for a week. They always came back. We learned to live with them as long as they didn't take over because we did not like using any poison in or near weed the garden. I started to take them off by hand every night with a wet clean paper towel and by wiping down the branches just to clear the area.

Just stay alert and pay attention to your plants.

Just do a daily inspection and look underneath your leaves. Remember that the bugs like to attack at night so if you can build a make shift green house for the nights then that would be helpful. If not then try using neem oil and cayenne pepper oil and only spray a little and at night. Once you get bugs then you will have a war going on with them for six months. So try to prevent this with using a little neem oil at night before you even see a bug.

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