When is the best time to plant cannabis outdoors? Mother's Day is the best day.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

People who have access to a private, sunny outdoor spot will find it easier to grow cannabis, as the plant itself requires pretty much the same conditions to thrive as tomato plant.

When is the best time to plant cannabis outdoors? A cannabis grower should keep in mind that it’s best to avoid planting too early in the year, as the cold air might kill the plant. However, the answer to today’s question is a little more complex than that, as it involves a series of factors.

Determining which is the best time of year for planting cannabis outdoors relies on the precipitation levels in the planting garden, the outside temperature while the plant is in the ground, or the exact coordinates of the garden itself.

Just like planting too early in the year can harm the plant, so can late planting, as the plant needs time to go through the entire growth cycle before temperatures drop. On a general note, it’s best to plant cannabis sometime in the middle of May.

A useful watering tip for those who live in hot areas: placing rocks or clay sole under the planting holes can slow down the drainage and prevent the plants from getting thirsty too soon.

Some growers prefer using water-absorbing polymer crystals, which are also good at retaining water.

On the other hand, people who live in a rainy area will want to pay close attention to improving the drainage system. Cannabis roots are prone to ending up with fungal diseases, especially when they are soaked in a lot of water.

Cannabis is a plant that requires soil rich in acids and organic matter, so that it may grow into a healthy and adult plant. Another important consideration is that the soil needs to be well-drained. If you do not acquire the soil and plant cannabis directly into the ground, you might be required to take some steps to make sure that the plant has everything it needs to grow properly.

Heavy clay soils are a bad option because they don’t receive the required amount of oxygen and drain very slow. One month prior to planting, you want to dig large holes for planting cannabis, while adding mixtures of decomposing organic matter. This is a great source for plant nutrients, but also facilitates airflow for the roots.

The best type of soil for cannabis plants is silty soil. It can quickly retain heat when needed, is easy to work with, and retains just the right amount of moisture, draining any excess water that the roots don’t need. It’s also rich in nutrients, and it doesn’t require a lot of intervention on your behalf.

When is the best time to plant cannabis outdoors? Is a question that can be answered by Mother Nature. Growing a marijuana plant is a process just as complex as with most other plants or vegetables. The buds of a cannabis plant will be visible in late summer, while the best time for harvesting is October. Keep in mind that cannabis is not one of those plants that you just throw into the ground and forget about it until harvesting: it requires proper caring, soil fertilizing, and watering.

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