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Growing one weed plant - Focusing on one main plant at a time.

There are many reasons why growing just one marijuana plant can be extremely satisfying. With only one plant you are better able to focus your efforts, making it more likely that the one plant will grow better than the individual plants in a plot of more than one. Also, security is better with just one plant and you don't need a guard dog or an expensive alarm system as much. Growing only one plant is going to be extremely inexpensive when compared to other grow setups that generally include more plants and therefore more expensive equipment. With only one plant you will need less resources, so whether it’s seeds, soil, nutrients, lighting, or even water, you just don’t need as much. Growing one plant is a great way to try your hand at growing marijuana without investing a huge amount of money and time, making it much more low-risk than if you were trying it with many plants. Thus it is great for beginners, newbies or anyone on a budget but still want the benefits of having a private home grown stash. This will make your life a lot easier than growing the 6 legal plants that we did last Spring. It was a lot of work for two guys as we had to water, feed nutrients, dig trenches, trim leaves and clean off bugs on 6 different plants. Believe me, one would have been so much easier to tend to compared to 6 plants. We actually had times where we got too tired to finish trimming all 6 trees or cleaning bugs off the leaves so we neglected to finish until the next day. If we had only one plant we could have had no problems completing all duties needed in less than one hour. Let's make sure you get proper lighting for that plant. You can put it in a pot outside in the balcony or put it in the ground for maximum root growth if you have the space (my favorite). This will give you the maximum energy of the sun which is the best but you are limited to 12 hours only. Or are you going to put the plant in the window sill? If you put it anywhere inside or even the window sill then you will need to get a real marijuana LED growing light. Don't get cheap and use a regular house lamp because they will not work very well. Trust me I have tried using them and they will waste your money and time. A real good indoor marijuana light is not only what you need but they are also not that expensive on Amazon. Please make sure you get at least a CFL grow light and get the maximum growth that you deserve by using the right tools. The basic rules of temperature and humidity for one plant. I like to keep the plant outside during the day and move it inside at night. It's up to you where you want to keep the plant because both ways will work. If you keep the plant inside you want to keep the temperature anywhere between 68 and 78 degrees during the day. The night temperature should be about 15 degrees less. Just keep an eye on your plant and make sure the leaves never turn brown. If they do then your plant will needing more water and special attention. Keeping the humidity down is very important when keeping the plant indoors. You can always use a dehumidifier or a gauge for this. When you are growing only one plant, you want to keep the humidity down so your leaves don't get too big which lowers the resin to leaf ratio. Ventilation provides good air movement. You can always put a fan in the room where your plant is. Make sure you keep the fan in an area where it is pulling in fresh air if possible. This movement will encourage your plant to grow a thicker stalk and will prevent any mold. You don't want any mold on your plant because it will ruin your entire plant so keep an eye on this. Don't forget to water your plant with clean water. Because our tap water contains a large amount of chlorine, you want to keep the water sitting for 24 hours before you use it. This will kill all the chlorine and will be safe to use. I bought a 3 gallon watering can with small holes in the spout to pour out like rain drops. Do not dump water splashes on the plant because this can ruin your plant. Water your plant enough to make sure that the top soil is evenly moist. Always make sure you water plant in large amounts to make sure it gets all the way down to the roots. If your plant is growing in a container that is 3 gallons, then up to three quarts of water can be given to them. Growing one plant is fun compared to growing 6 plants. The difference between the two is a very unique experience. The way you handle taking care of one plant can be done more carefully and without too much headaches. Having 6 plants a time was like running a farm crop because if something was wrong with one plant then we had to tend to all 6. We had to be careful to not spread any mold or bugs to the other plants. Trimming, watering and feeding only one plant is actually fun and less time consuming. Whether you are a beginner or you just want to have fun and not have to deal with too much work, then growing one marijuana plant at a time is perfect for you.

What are the health benefits of hemp oil? There are many you would like too.

For years and years all through my life all I heard was that marijuana is bad for you and it will stunt your growth. I even had some people tell me to be careful with weed because it can cause you to go limp in the sex department. But I used to think how can this be when every time I smoke a bowl I want to go outside in the sun and exercise or go for a walk. I just knew that it couldn't be all that bad for you. What are the benefits of hemp seed oil? Let's see what they have been hiding from us. My research paid off with great information. I decided to go to the library back in 1982 and do some research on cannabis and its many uses. Hemp is a highly respected herb that has been used for thousands of years both as a medicine and as a resource product such as building materials and paper. The Mayans and Aztecs used it as food and as medicine. It was also regularly used in many religious ceremonies around the world as a way to get closer to God. Before the industrial revolution here in the US, hemp was regularly used by many doctors and professionals. It was noted that George Washington made it mandatory that every family grow a hemp crop not for medicine but for nutritional purposes. Big corporate companies stopped the use of hemp. Unfortunately big corporate companies like Johnson & Johnson bribed and paid off the politicians to outlaw hemp. They did not like the idea of the money they were going to lose by using the low cost and inexpensive means of growing hemp instead of using plastic and man made materials at their newly built factories. Marijuana was known as the devil drug as depicted by the infamous movie sponsored by the corporate companies called "Reefer Madness." A movie about people jumping off buildings and hurting themselves and others. The use of man made pills was devastating to us all. Because of this fake news we have been cheated out a safe and organic medicine that can help people of all ages. Instead, we have been using dangerous and harmful pills and other man made medicine. These pills cause depression, thoughts of suicide, rapid weight gain or lass, hair loss and the list goes on. Now we have the option to take safe organic medicine with hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil does not get you high. Hemp plants are different than regular grown marijuana in that it is grown with out the psychedelic chemical known as THC. Sometimes it has so little THC that it is not even noticeable. The THC is actually the strong chemical which is excellent for people who are in extreme pain or have cancer. But not everyone is ok with taking THC because of the slight high and for drug testing reasons. Hemp products are perfect for these types of people. It is even safe for kids and pets. Here are some good benefits you can get from taking Hemp seed oil also known as CBD in the marketplace now. 1. Anxiety - The tincture form of CBD is the best way to take Hemp seed oil for anxiety. This way you put the drops under your tongue which goes directly to your spinal cord. Instant relief and gratification in the central nervous system. You will notice your self feeling less stressed out and much more at ease. 2. Sleep aid - This is probably one of the most famous reasons people take CBD because helps you relax and sleep like a baby at night. This is with out any hang over or tired feeling when you wake up. 3. Pain relief - Muscle relief and arthritis pain reducer is another benefit you get from the inflammatory effects. Great for older people or active people. This oil will help you in about 3 to 5 days. 4. Depression - This one is my favorite because it helps many friends of mine including my friends 15 year old daughter who has bouts of depression. She drinks CBD cola and it helps her think of better thoughts she says. The hemp oil drink puts her in a good mood and gives her energy to go outside and get some fresh air. 5. Epilepsy - Many people around the world have used CBD to help cure their attacks. Many schools in the US are now allowing young kids to ingest marijuana at school for medical reasons because it helps them focus and be part of the class like everyone else. Hemp seed oil and CBD products are here to stay. There are many other great reasons to try hemp seed oil or CBD if you are suffering from any of these problems. Just make sure you are getting a good product like Charlottes Web Hemp oil which is the best brand that I know. I have taken it and so has my younger sister who was having knee problems prior to taking CBD. Whenever I have any medical issues or if I am in pain from working out I can always rely on hemp seed oil to give me the comfort I am looking for.

Sprouting marijuana seeds- It's easier than growing from clones.

One of the best ways to enjoy your bud is to start growing from seeds. We have grown from both clone and seed and we really do prefer the seeds. The seeds are easier to handle and they seem to thrive and be healthier than some of the clones we have planted. Just make sure your seeds are hard and dark. You don't want light mushy seeds that are not fully developed but if that's all you have then plant them. The white seeds are a sometimes no good for planting or a seed that is already splitting can be bad too. But I have gotten success with these as well. If a seed wants to sprout then you should give it a chance because it just might surprise you. Getting your seeds. Depending on your budget you can order very good auto flowering or feminized seeds online. They are not cheap so it's good to your research before you buy them. They also sell regular seeds but they don't have the 99% survival rate as the feminized ones. That's why most people buy the auto flowering seeds even though they cost more. Don't worry about screwing up the seeds because it really is an easy process that takes more waiting time then anything else. If you can get seeds from your past bags or a friend you are taking a chance of getting male plants or hermaphrodites. These plants are only good for breeding seeds so it really isn't a bad thing. You can save those seeds and grow them and save tons of cash in the long run. Good seeds online cost about $10 a seed or more and you have to buy multiple amounts. We have actually had good luck in saving and making our own seeds and have always gotten good buds from our seeds. We are willing to take a chance on seeds from older bags but we also like to buy real good Skywalker OG seeds online as well. It's up to you to either buy online or just get some seeds from your bro. We do both methods. The paper towel method. Today we had 6 seeds on our wet plate and only 1 of the 6 seeds sprouted. Each seed is different and some will sprout in 2 days if you get a good one. This is a sign of a good healthy seed. We grabbed a regular plate and put a wet paper towel with 6 seeds wrapped inside the towel. We then covered the top with another plate to create the needed darkness and let it sit. Keeping the seeds moist, we had to check the seeds twice a day to make sure they don't dry out, You must keep moisture in there for the seed to sprout. After a few days you will get some noticeable activity. If they don't sprout then consider your self lucky because they were probably crappy seeds anyways. You don't want plants with health issues so no big loss. If you just watch your seeds regularly throughout the day and make sure they have water and darkness then they will sprout. Just have patience and never get mad and give up on the growing process. The rewards of having your own home grown weed is so much fun and you don't have to worry about spending all your money at the dispensary. Its a total win-win situation so give it a chance. Transporting the seed to beer cup. Once you get taproot sprouted the fun begins. Make sure you get a small dixie cup or a beer cup and poke 4 small holes in the bottom for water drainage. Always use fresh potting soil and never use old potting soil that has been sitting around. This soil is probably to thick like a mud and will not let the roots breathe underneath, If you can use soil with no nutrients or minimal would be a better idea. The taproot is very fragile and does not need the nutrients yet. There was one time were we decided to use the same soil as the year before and the results were not good. My plants only grew about 2 feet and they were brown and not healthy at all. I ended up pulling them and using them for my mulch pit they were so bad. So please use fresh and loose soil and don't get too cheap like I once did. Fill the cup with fresh dirt and grab a pen and make a small hole for the seed to fit in. Spray a little water in the hole but not too much in case of rot, Grab some tweezers and place the seed in the hole and then cover the hole with dirt and a spray of distilled water. I have used sink water before and it worked but it is very important to keep the baby root as clean as possible. So many people like to use bottled water and tweezers(not dirty fingers) for the first few days. Just wait a few days more to get a small green plant. It really is all about the waiting process and if you can keep an eye on the whole operation. You will be amazed when you see the sprouted root. It feels amazing knowing that you created this beautiful green plant. Give it about 3 to 6 days and it will sprout. Make sure you water the cup daily but don't water log it because the seed will rot. It is your own creation. The best thing about growing from a seed is that you feel that it is a special plant because you created it with your skills. We have even give our plants names like Frankenstein because they were so special to us. The chances of having a healthy plant is much higher now because your seed has been carefully planted and placed without any other bad influences. This is safer and easier than planting clones because we all now clones can easily die from shock or disease when transplanting them. The only danger with seeds is watching out for birds who might get your seed if you leave it outside. So you are better leaving it inside until it sprouts.

5 untrue myths about outdoor marijuana.

Over the years and especially since weed has been legalized, it seems that outdoor weed has gotten a bad reputation. Many of the younger generation in their 20's won't even touch the stuff. I have heard it been called ditch weed, crap weed or stress weed. That fact is that they are wrong because outdoor growers now have the ability to grow without being worried of the law. With the right genetics, expertise and attention to detail outdoor growers can produce top shelf buds. Before weed was legal, outdoor growers had to hide their garden which was tough on the grower. This meant that they had to rush things sometimes in order not to get caught. Back then you had to beware of neighbors and crazy friends stealing your plants along with worrying about the cops. Basically, if you were an outdoor grower and you had a decent amount of plants then you probably were paranoid. Here are 5 untrue myths about outdoor marijuana Outdoor weed will never be a top shelf bud. This not true at all. It was thought that all outdoor bud was flat and squished because weed from Mexico came that way. The pressed product was necessary to hide in cars while crossing the border. They also used scented fabric softener sheets within the plastic wrap to cover the scent of weed. Yes it was very perfume-like smelling by the time we got it in America. This not the case today. Outdoor weed does not taste as good as indoor weed. Outdoor weed has more of an earthy taste so to speak. With the culmination of the various factors specific to a growing location, including soil, elevation, climate and more. Outdoor bud has a taste that is sometimes preferred by many smokers around the world like me. Outdoor grown bud has been marred by too many pests and critters. If you are buying from a dispensary that shouldn't worry about this because each state has strict requirements to avoid these issues. I know when we grow our outdoor garden our number rule is to keep everything clean by daily inspection. That means no bug spots, bird poops or half eaten leaves. Anything dead or dirty we immediately get rid of for safety reasons. There is nothing special about outdoor grown weed. It is impossible for indoor grow systems to completely recreate the immensely complex ecosystem that influence outdoor grown bud. Indoor grow lights do not produce the full spectrum present in the sun's rays. Because of the fragrant coastal breezes and other outdoor influences, outdoor weed is considered to be authentic. Outdoor grown weed is less potent than indoor grown weed. This again is a result of the so called ditch weed that some people feel this way. Farmers growing weed outdoor can now expose their outdoor gardens to full sunlight without the fear being arrested allowing them to reach the full potential in terms of stature, bud formation, cannabinoid and terpene content. I believe that in the near future many outdoor growers will reach new levels of high quality strains that will give even the younger crowd something to look for. You cant beat the outdoor breeze and the smell of fresh air that comes with an outdoor garden. That earthy taste is what I am looking for.

What is the best pesticide for an outdoor marijuana garden? Organic spray is what we prefer.

Pests are one of the first things you need to prepare for when growing marijuana outdoors. If you can't build a greenhouse then be prepared for birds pooping to grasshoppers leaving white milky substances on your plants. We had so many problems last spring that this next season we are going to make a cheap green house out of clear plastic tarps and bamboo sticks. Especially for the nights, we had noticed that most of the damage was coming at night. Something was eating our plants and being very sneaky about it. We tried using neem oil at first and it just worked okay not great. What is a best pesticide for an outdoor marijuana garden? The neem oil spray was good for some of the bugs but not all. Especially the ants near the base of the plants were not affected by the neem oil. It was a good idea to start with neem oil as it helped us control the bugs early before they even showed up on the plants. Neem oil is the oil that is pressed out of the seeds obtained from neem trees. In addition to its use as ab organic insecticide spray, it has been used medicinally and in the cosmetics industry. It is a good idea to see if this will help first because it is safe to use. It was not only ready available at Home depot but it will not harm you, your kids, your pets or your livestock. My partner was not keen on using any pesticides on the plants to begin with but I knew we would lose everything if we did not act fast. I was not about to let the bugs devour our hard work. Make sure you spray at night and never in the day. We had to spray at night so we wouldn't burn the neem oil into the plants with the hot sun. We also had to give the plants a quick rinse of hose water to clean any left over neem oil. We tried to spray a little bit during the day and we left spots of oil on the leaves. This is not a good idea so make sure you never spray during the day. Only spray in the early stages of the plants. Preventive maintenance is the best weapon against bugs and pests in general. Spray when the plants are young and make sure you hit underneath the leaves because they like to hide the damage. Once the plants starts budding then it is not safe to spray anymore. You dont want to smoke neem oil so be careful. If you take care of your plant early it will get a stronger immune system and it will be able to fight on its own. Just keep a daily inspection going on and you should be fine. We really liked using cayenne pepper organic spray. What is a best pesticide for an outdoor marijuana garden? We really did well the natural pepper spray. It seemed like it took it up a notch on getting rid of the bugs. It had more of medicine smell than the neem oil. Both of them are natural but the pepper spray seemed a little bit more effective on killing the bugs. As the plant got a bit older we went to using more of the pepper oil spray. The ants were a whole different story. Of course the ground ants are soldiers on had to be dealt with accordingly. They were using our plants as a freeway and walkway for their personal construction. We had to dig up the ant holes and spray real poison (away from the plants of course) to get rid of them for a week. They always came back. We learned to live with them as long as they didn't take over because we did not like using any poison in or near weed the garden. I started to take them off by hand every night with a wet clean paper towel and by wiping down the branches just to clear the area. Just stay alert and pay attention to your plants. Just do a daily inspection and look underneath your leaves. Remember that the bugs like to attack at night so if you can build a make shift green house for the nights then that would be helpful. If not then try using neem oil and cayenne pepper oil and only spray a little and at night. Once you get bugs then you will have a war going on with them for six months. So try to prevent this with using a little neem oil at night before you even see a bug.

Moon gardening and cannabis- Does it really work?

A few nights that we where out at the weed garden spraying the plants with neem oil, we noticed just how bright the moon was. We noticed one night it was a full moon and then the next night it was a more of a quarter moon. We had heard a little about moon gardening and cannabis and we wanted to see if it really does work. Using the moon for a better grow. An old Native American school of gardening known as moon or lunar gardening relies on how the moon can affect the development, growth and harvest of crops and plants. Lunar gardening focuses on following a certain lunar calendar in order to maximize the yield and health of your garden. Today, modern marijuana farmers are picking up on these old school traditions and realizing that by paying close attention to the moon and its monthly orbit they are able to make bigger, high quality yields each time. What exactly is lunar gardening? Moon gardening is an ancient gardening practice that involves planting your crops at different times of the moon's monthly orbit circling the earth. It has been in practice around the world for centuries now. Some lunar gardeners also say that the moon's gravitational pull can affect the moisture levels in soil by pulling moisture closer to the earth's surface. This will ultimately improve the chances of getting the seeds to germinate effectively. There are 2 main theories to moon planting. Plants that bear fruit or flowers above ground should be planted during the waxing period of the moon or when it goes from new moon to full moon. Plants that produce crops below the ground as well biennial and perennial flowers should be planted during the moon's waning period or when the moon goes from full to a new moon. Pay attention to the moon's orbit through the zodiac. - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces = water - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius = air - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn = Earth - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius = Fire Moon farmers say that following and studying the lunar orbit allows them better insight into when to sow certain seeds. This allows them to have better control over their plants and maximize the quality and size of their harvests. We always plant our seeds on Mother's day and harvest during a new moon. By following these practices we managed to get our sativa plants up over 8 feet tall. We even had to tie them down like an arch to keep them from peeking over the fence. It was a success with 7 plants producing almost a full pond of flower per plant. Lunar gardening is a great way to maximize your yield.

What is the best soil for growing marijuana? Organic soil

When you decide that your finally going to grow marijuana in your backyard, you need to find a good spot with good soil. Generally you want to look for dark moist soil that is not to hard. We got lucky in our backyard last Spring because we are very close to an underground well next door. So our ground dirt was very dark and soft. We decided to dig down 2 feet wide to and then we back filled the hole with our special mulch pit soil that we have been working on for about 5 months. We have been adding vegetables and rotting fruit to the pile that we keep in a shaded area. But not every one has a special mulch pit to get organic soil. What is the best soil for growing marijuana? You need to begin from the very essentials. The most fundamental component during the time spent developing weed for most cultivators is the dirt. In the course of recent years producers have been evaluating non-soil procedures of development also, however for a mind dominant part of cultivators, soil keeps on being the favored mechanism of development. It is simpler, less expensive and more regular to develop weed in soil and is a pattern which is probably not going to leave presence whenever within a reasonable time-frame. Here, we will be investigating all that you require to think about soil starting from addressing the most essential inquiry of "what is soil", trailed by the significance of soil with regards to developing weed, at that point we will take a gander at the main 5 best soils for developing cannabis which we will audit in detail alongside the upsides and downsides of every single one of them. Post that we will take a gander at the general advantages and disadvantages of developing maryjane in soil and afterward give you a purchaser's guide of things that you need to search for before you purchase soil for developing weed. What is Soil? Plants require a 'medium' to develop. At the point when you use soil as a medium to develop weed, what you fundamentally mean is that the plant will be attached on to the dirt, and water and supplements will likewise be given to the dirt, which will assimilate them. The foundations of the plant will at that point devour this water and the supplements from the dirt. Of late, there are different mediums which have come up, for example, rockwool blocks, peat greenery and coco coir – however soil as a medium keeps on being the main inclination among the cultivators. What is the best soil to grow marijuana? There are three things that cultivators need to think about with regards to soil. There are various components which establish to soil, however when we talk about soil for developing weed, it is commonly decided upon three significant boundaries: Structure: The structure of the dirt is fundamentally how hard or delicate it is – and what is it made of. This incorporates rocks, stone, rock, mud, sand, sediment, mud and various other comparable components which make it up. In some cases these components additionally incorporate creature droppings and numerous other natural issue. The structure of the dirt can be clumpy too as at times these particles structure bunches of soil which don't break up in water. Sound soil needs to have a ton of bunches in it. Contingent upon the piece of these components, the dirt's surface and creation is resolved. Surface: The surface of the dirt is fundamentally how close or free it is. Soil can either be clayey or sandy. Having unnecessary measures of dirt in the dirt would imply that it is too retentive and that it may cause waterlogging. Having extreme measure of sand in your dirt could make it too free bringing about the water emptying out speedier than expected. Henceforth, you need to locate the ideal harmony between clayey soil and sandy soil to ensure that the water can be held well. Ingredients: This is the dietary arrangement of the dirt – what supplements does the dirt convey. A dirt which is acceptable in the NPK supplements – i.e., Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium is the perfect sort of soil for developing your weed in. Be that as it may, no dirt is awesome and extra supplements consistently should be added to it to get the piece pretty much appropriate for weed plants to develop well. Why Is Soil Important for Growing Cannabis? Soil is truly significant for developing cannabis for various reasons. The main thing about soil is that it has retentive and absorptive properties. This implies that a lot of the water that you add to the dirt gets put away in it while the overabundance gets depleted off. Notwithstanding, while plants need water for their development, something else that they need is supplements. These supplements travel up the plant's body blended in with the water that is put away in the dirt. The plant utilizes its root, which retains the water from the dirt with the assistance of root hair, and afterward in the end moves it to the whole body of the plant. In the event that you don't water your plants for a couple of days because of some explanation, this put away water in the dirt will at that point be spent. This is the essential explanation concerning why soil is significant. Advantages of Growing Marijuana in Soil Plants that you fill in soil will in general have an alternate sort of a taste to it contrasted with the plants that are developed through non-soil implies or by means of tank-farming. Another advantage is that when you develop plants in soil, you are developing them in a characteristic setting where they have developed for a great many years so they are all the more hereditarily appropriate for such a development. Filling in soil likewise implies that they can gain admittance to various normally happening natural material, for example, worm castings, bat guano, and so on which is normally present in the dirt. Night crawlers and other living creatures help move around the dirt and blend it very well. Soil is additionally wealthy in various microorganisms and organisms which are extraordinary for the development of plants. Besides naturally developed weed is constantly viewed as in a way that is better than different kinds of weed

Growing marijuana in hot weather- It seems perfect at first.

Being from California we know how it is is to grow in the desert climates. Sometimes it gets so hot out here that we almost get sunstroke over 100 degrees with no breeze. But for many growers, a hot and dry climate seems to be the perfect environment to grow outdoor marijuana. Growing marijuana in hot weather can cultivate the crop all year long without worrying about molds rotting the crop. The plants also benefit from the intense light of the sun which triggers optimal bud production. However, an arid climate also presents its own challenges like drought and extreme heat. This results in a very dry soil that causes a lot of problems to water-loving marijuana plants. Without the right knowledge and preparation, too much heat can destroy the crop and leave you with nothing to harvest. Fortunately, there are tricks to combat this problem. The key is to keep the plants and their heat-sensitive roots cool and hydrated. We made sure that we always kept a fresh can of water sitting next to the plants just in case the top soil looked to dry. We also bought an extension for our water hose to reach over 100 feet in order to get water to the plants with out any problem. On the days that reached over 100 degrees, we bought a pop tent canopy and used it for 3 weeks in order to give some shade in the hot blistering sun. We noticed that the plants where turning brown on certain spots as if it were getting sunburned. So we decided to shade it at certain times of the day. Growing marijuana in hot weather can be a lot of work as you have to make sure the plant is not getting stressed out too much. At times I noticed the plants looked beat down and droopy from getting too hot so we bought a spray gun and gave them water mists throught the hot summer days. So there are things to look out for during the hotter climates where things could go wrong if you don't pay attention.

Growing marijuana in fish emulsion fertilizer-The plants will turn bright green.

There are many nutrient brands you can choose from. You can go to the expensive route and order high quality and expensive products online or you can go with Alaskan fish fertilizer from Amazon. When your plants are in the vegetative stage, you need to give them a fertilizer high in nitrogen. There are a ton of options available on the market. Growing marijuana in fish emulsion fertilizer is one option I really like. I have been growing cannabis with fish emulsion for years. Whenever I go to Walmart I always buy Alaskan fish fertilizer. Fish Emulsion is one of my favorites because it is organic, cheap, easy to find and works great in my cannabis garden. Fish Emulsion is a all natural formula that provides a rich source of organic matter that breaks down and releases nutrients into the soil. This enhances the strength and vigor of your plants. I only use fish emulsion when my plants are in the vegetative state. If your plants are turning yellow, fish emulsion is a great fertilizer to green up your garden. It works fast too and won’t burn your plants. Follow the directions when applying. Since I feed regularly, I only use 1 tablespoon per gallon and it works great! Just make sure you wear gloves mix it with plenty of water because this stuff stinks bad. One year instead of growing marijuana in fish emulsion fertilizer, we decided to experiment with a raw fish head and plant it under the seeds in one of our 5 gallon buckets. We read an article about how the Mayans use to do this for good luck and big crops. After 6 months the plant was huge and thriving with buds. We then pulled the plant and took out the fish skull from underneath. All of the meat was gone and it looked the plant sucked in all the energy from the head. the experiment was a success. The fish head worked like a charm.

Watering outdoor marijuana plants- How much is enough?

When to water potted outdoor plants: Being a rainfed plant we must respect its optimal irrigation cycles, how does this work? The roots simply take oxygen at times when the soil is dry, which are the dry periods. While it hydrates itself and takes nutrients at times of watering, periods of irrigation. Failure to respect these cycles can lead to the death of plants. Watering outdoor marijuana plants is crucial. This looks very simple, but it has its technique, because when the specimens are young, small, they have a root system also of tiny size, because of this it is very possible that they do not cover more than a small percentage of the soil. For this reason, they are not able to absorb much water at an initial stage of the crop, i.e. the ability to dry the substrate is low, so every watering should last longer. Once the plants begin to grow, their root system occupies a larger space within the substrate, this means that they will need more water to hydrate, so the ability to dry the substrate is high, consequently watering should be more frequent. When to water outdoor plants in soil: When the Cannabis plant is planted in soil, it has an almost unlimited amount of room for root growth, let’s say, this means that the plant itself can make a living, as well as the capillarity of the soil itself contribute to making the environment more flexible. If the substrate is too wet and the plant drowns because it has no oxygen, it can try to expand its roots to areas of the soil that are not as wet. It also works the other way around, they can grow into wetter areas if they don’t have enough water resources where they are. This allows certain freedoms when it comes to wrong irrigation, both under and over, although the cycles must also be respected as precisely as possible in order to improve the fruits of the plants, both in quality and quantity. Having rainfed plants with the right irrigation cycles ensures safer harvests, without the problems of fungus and disease. Watering outdoor marijuana plants will be one your most important tasks as it is easy to over water as well. Make sure you are scheduling it correctly and not watering the plant twice as much with too many people giving it water. We did that one year and created mold inside of the 5 gallon buckets and had to throw the weed away.

Why Darkness is Important for marijuana Plants- We began to notice less growth.

When cannabis plants, like other green plants, are in the light—be it sunlight or artificial light(street light)—they are photo synthesizing. This is how they convert light into energy and release oxygen. They are also respiring. That’s right, contrary to the misinformation circulating elsewhere, plants, like all other aerobic organisms, are respiring all the time. We stop when we die, and we die if we stop. Cannabis plants are just producing a surplus of oxygen during the daytime. During the dark cycle, cannabis plants are not photo synthesizing, and continue to respire at a constant rate; they do not just begin to respire when the lights go out. PHOTOPERIOD CANNABIS We had some plants that were getting too much street light at night and after about a month we noticed that it was not growing as full on that side. It was clearly visible so we decided to put a dark colored tarp in front of the area where the street light was hitting at night. Our plan worked and after the tarp was left there for a few weeks we noticed the plant was getting bigger and more full on that bad side. So we came to the conclusion that the plant was not getting enough darkness on that side. The plant went from looking weak and dark green to a more stronger and brighter green color. The street light was one of those very bright lit LED lights. They just replaced all the street lights on our block with these. Next May we are going to make sure we pick a better spot for our outdoor weed garden.

When is the best time to plant cannabis outdoors? Mother's Day is the best day.

People who have access to a private, sunny outdoor spot will find it easier to grow cannabis, as the plant itself requires pretty much the same conditions to thrive as tomato plant. When is the best time to plant cannabis outdoors? A cannabis grower should keep in mind that it’s best to avoid planting too early in the year, as the cold air might kill the plant. However, the answer to today’s question is a little more complex than that, as it involves a series of factors. Determining which is the best time of year for planting cannabis outdoors relies on the precipitation levels in the planting garden, the outside temperature while the plant is in the ground, or the exact coordinates of the garden itself. Just like planting too early in the year can harm the plant, so can late planting, as the plant needs time to go through the entire growth cycle before temperatures drop. On a general note, it’s best to plant cannabis sometime in the middle of May. A useful watering tip for those who live in hot areas: placing rocks or clay sole under the planting holes can slow down the drainage and prevent the plants from getting thirsty too soon. Some growers prefer using water-absorbing polymer crystals, which are also good at retaining water. On the other hand, people who live in a rainy area will want to pay close attention to improving the drainage system. Cannabis roots are prone to ending up with fungal diseases, especially when they are soaked in a lot of water. Cannabis is a plant that requires soil rich in acids and organic matter, so that it may grow into a healthy and adult plant. Another important consideration is that the soil needs to be well-drained. If you do not acquire the soil and plant cannabis directly into the ground, you might be required to take some steps to make sure that the plant has everything it needs to grow properly. Heavy clay soils are a bad option because they don’t receive the required amount of oxygen and drain very slow. One month prior to planting, you want to dig large holes for planting cannabis, while adding mixtures of decomposing organic matter. This is a great source for plant nutrients, but also facilitates airflow for the roots. The best type of soil for cannabis plants is silty soil. It can quickly retain heat when needed, is easy to work with, and retains just the right amount of moisture, draining any excess water that the roots don’t need. It’s also rich in nutrients, and it doesn’t require a lot of intervention on your behalf. When is the best time to plant cannabis outdoors? Is a question that can be answered by Mother Nature. Growing a marijuana plant is a process just as complex as with most other plants or vegetables. The buds of a cannabis plant will be visible in late summer, while the best time for harvesting is October. Keep in mind that cannabis is not one of those plants that you just throw into the ground and forget about it until harvesting: it requires proper caring, soil fertilizing, and watering.